Memoir Classes

We can present a series of from 1 to 9 classes, teaching you how you can put down your memories on paper.   You'll learn how to choose topics to write on, and tips for making your words clear and meaningful.  You can write in longhand or on a computer, and we'll discuss ways to preserve your pages for the future.  Some class time is devoted to actually writing, and you can share what you have written, or not.  Classes run about $20 per person per class series.   




You can decide what to talk about, and carry it out alone;  or we can do it interview-style, where we talk together about questions or topics you have planned ahead of time.  An interview usually lasts about one hour.  You can do as many interviews as you wish.  Pre-planning is the key, so we help you as you choose what to discuss.  Those recordings are then transferred to a CD for you to keep.  Not only do your loved ones hear your words, but also have the cherished experience of hearing your voice...your inflections, your laughter, and your personality!

Fee for one interview placed on CD is $40.


Recordings can be transcribed into text, and those printed pages make up your written personal history. You can store it for future generations, or take it further and make it into a book.   Fees run about $1 per recorded minute for straight transcription with no editing; light editing costs a little more.  The transcript will then be printed and placed in a 3-ring binder.  Of course, nicer bindings are available.

Other Options

* a "Legacy Letter" that expresses your values and heartfelt    thoughts to your children or others;

* a tribute to a beloved pet;

* a recording of a conversation between two people on any    topic;

* community or local histories;

* historical facts and anecdotes about any organization or      group, either recorded on on paper;

* a recording of family members at a family reunion.

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