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Our Mission

     Do you want the best for your family?  The best gift you can ever give to those you love is to share your memories and reflections with them...  and to do it in a way that can be preserved forever.   Creat a written story or a recording that they will cherish in the future.

     If you're like most people, you're thinking..."I'm just an ordinary person.  What do I have to say that's worthwhile?"  But you are not ordinary!  There is only one of you!  Your own experiences have shaped who you are, the relationships you've chosen, and the path you've taken.  Each of us is truly unique.   And what we have learned through our difficulties and successes will be valuable to those who follow us, if they only know about them.

There are true benefits to re-examining your life and preserving your record.  

 Doing so will:  

* Instill more personal satisfaction and increase feelings of self-worth;

* Provide a way to get more perspective on your painful experiences, and perhaps resolve unfinished business;


* Give your loved ones a chance to know how you see the world and why, what your deepest beliefs are, and the things you've                learned during your life so far;


* Help to bridge the gaps between the generations of your family;


* Give you a way to pass on advice in any area you choose;


* Reduce the chance that you'll forget to tell someone something;


* Reduce loneliness and decrease depression.  


       Hearing of your struggles and triumphs helps your loved ones

                  gain more perspective on their own lives.