About Us

       Hello, I'm Jo, a senior lady and former grief counselor.  Like many people, I've delved into my family geneology and added many names to my family tree.    Some were a pleasant surprise, and some...not so much!  But looking more into history has given me a new perspective on myself and the world, and has helped make me a more thoughtful and appreciative person.  

    As a result, I'm vitally interested in the lives of those who have gone before me... but not just their name with birth and death dates.  I want to know more about who they were as people...what life was like for them.  What values did they have?   What were their difficulties and successes?  What things did they learn over their lives?  Very few people leave any permanent record of that personal information.

         Also, I have ended up with tape recordings of the voices of my mother, my dad, and also my late husband.   As I've realized the immense value of being able to hear them again, I've grown eager to provide a way for other people to have the same treasured experience.  So, with personal history training and the right equipment, I am offering my assistance in documenting, through audio recordings or words on paper, the life stories and encouraging words of anyone interested in passing their legacy on.     


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